Every car that my daughters and I own are dead, broken, and are going to cost WAY too much to fix.  I am so pissed off at cars right now.

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Stupid people tire me.

Honestly, why are people so danged stupid???????  I’m thinking it is just to piss me off.

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I detest spoiled people.

Not going to say where I work, but suffice it to say that the place is filled with young, self-serving, selfish, spoiled people.  We have a wide range of people working there, all the way from the early 20’s to the 60’s.  Guess who the hardest workers are and the one’s who complain the least?  Yep, the older ones.  Guess who the whiners and slackers are?  Yep, the younger ones.  Take a stroll through the parking lot of where I work, it looks like a new car lot.  These people make DAMNED good money………16+ dollars an hour, and out of over 150 people working there, I can count on two hands the number who have been to college….most just have a high school diploma.  They should be grateful that they even have a job in this day and age, but alas……..they aren’t.  All they want to do is bitch, moan, and whine about how they are having to work.  For many of my ungrateful co-workers, this is the ONLY job they have ever had.  Many of them live with their parents and the only bill they have is their new car payment and car insurance.  But yet they whine on and on about how unfair it is that their supervisors are there to try and get them to (gasp!) WORK.

They don’t realize or would even care that the Deputy Sheriff’s in our area make LESS then they do.  Hmmmm… and women putting their life’s on the line everyday make LESS then these spoiled brats do.

Glad I got that off my chest.

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Amazing that I have made it this far

Seems like just yesterday that it was 1975 and I was graduating from high school.  The year 2000 seemed like it was WAY far away….it sounded like something out of Star Trek…nice to think about, but not real.  And now it is almost 2011 and I am still alive and kicking.  Yay me!!!

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A thought that makes sense.

Realize that you are entitled to nothing, and you will be thankful for everything

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Things I am thankful for…..

In no particular order…..

My children.

My parents for giving birth to me, and my grandparents for giving birth to my parents so they could give birth to me.

The local utility companies that provide me with electricity, gas, water and comfort.

My refrigerator for keeping our food cold until I need it, my washer and dryer for cleaning and drying our clothes, my stove for allowing me to cook our food, my furnace for keeping us warm, my air-conditioner for keeping us cool, my microwave for making leftovers edible, leftovers for……well………just being there so I can enjoy them later.

My computer for entertainment and for everything from allowing me to keep in touch with friends to making new ones.

BOOKS, BOOKS, and BOOKS!  And the ability to read and the teachers thoughout my life that taught me to do so.

Sugar Cookie candles.

Campfires and the wood that makes them possible.

Books, Books and books.

True friends.

My job and my employer.

My comfortable bed and blankets, pillows and sheets.

My toilet and how it flushes away everything…..(imagine how it would be if it didn’t flush and *everything* just sat there in the bowl).




The pets that share my home and have enriched my children’s lifes…and mine.

The food I have in my home…..when so many around the world would give anything to have just a 1/100th of what is in my pantry.

My health, the health of my children, and the access to an ambulance and a nearby hospital if our health takes a dive.

A fire station just one block away if my home catches on fire.

Living in America.

Fuzzy socks.

This is it for now……I’m sure I will think of more later………stay tuned.

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Howdy from me

Nerdyapplebottom is the woman that prompted me to start this blog…She didn’t exactly prompt me as much as inspire me.  More to follow………….:)

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Musings from a middle-aged woman in Missouri

Decided to start a blog.  Mostly for my own entertainment.  A place to post my favorite books I’ve read, my pet peeves, my likes and dislikes, and just a general place for me to be me.  Enjoy it or not……

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